About RareFind

Rare Finds strives to become leading platform to track coins on the BSC, ETH and nowadays really popular Dogechain.

Sustainable Ecosystem

  • 3% on buy goes for project development. That tax will be used to further push it’s main utility – Rare Find App and other side utilitys such as Rare Find price bot to their upmost perfection.
  • 3% on sell goes for marketing which will further help in gaining of more holders.

These fairly low taxes are sustainable for longevity of this project due to in-app earnings, such as ads. Project developers will be able to promote their projects on Rare Find App and those payments will be used for marketing or buybacks for the main token, RareFind token.

Our Utility

Rare Find App is fueled by 6 utility’s:

Rare Find Swap which allows investors to trade any token on Binance Smart Chain in seconds, just by connecting your wallet.
Rare Find Portfolio Tracker which lets you track your BSC wallets by entering your wallet address for free.
Rare Find Multichart which allows Tracking of price charts from different projects at the same time with our Multichart tool.
Rare Find Rug Checker which gives you information about a contract and the chances of it being a scam.
Rare Find Watchlist which keeps tracking any coin on Binance Smart Chain and receive important performance information.
Over Rare Find App you can buy crypto with Fiat as well.



  • Team gathered
  • Core utility developed
  • Presale Marketing
  • Community Growth
  • Fair Launch presale over Pinksale
  • Listed on Pancakeswap
  • Big marketing push until listed on CMC and CG
  • Reach 2,000 holders
  • Additional utility developed, Rare Find
  • App can now be used on Dogechain
  • Staking Live for Rare Find token


  • Apply medium centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • Global adoption of Rare Find App
  • Rare Find trending widely accepted
  • Special Marketing Campaigns
  • Exclusive limited NFTs release


  • Huge Traffic over Rare Find App
  • With the funds raised from ads continuedly development of utility
  • Big CEX listings
  • Expand more partnerships


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